Technical Specification

Extensive testing and evaluation have confirmed that the use of the fMRI-compatible robot does not cause any image artefacts and that it can be safely used in a fMRI environment. Since the Phantom haptic robot includes some ferromagnetic parts, we labeled the system as MR- conditional. This only means that some extra caution is needed when installing the system inside an examination room. We believe that the fMRI-compatible haptic robot is the tool of the future. The technical specifications of the system are listed below:

  • Hardware included: extension and frame
  • Software included: Matlab/Simulink based robotic library Robotica

  • Tested with fMRI scanners with a magnetic field density up to: 3 T
  • Number of DOFs (Degrees Of Freedom): 3

  • Available workspace: 380 mm x 260 mm x 190 mm
  • Exertable force: 1.4 N (continuous and 8.5 N maximal)

  • Added moving mass: 204 g (compared to haptic robot without extension in z direction)
  • Added inertia: 31.3 g m2 (compared to haptic robot without extension in x, y directions)

  • Minimal stiffness : 290 N/m (in x, y directions)
  • Total weight of the system: 21 kg (including frame, extension and the Phantom)