A fMRI compatible haptic robot is an ideal tool for experiments where the need arises to observe human brain activation during the execution of a haptic task in virtual environment. It is much more than just a measuring system. Besides being capable of measuring trajectories and velocities during upper limb movements, its main advantage is the ability to exert forces in three dimensions. A 3-DOF haptic system gives you a lot of freedom in your experiments. It can still be used as a 2-DOF robot, allowing you to freely choose working plane.

The haptic system comprises: a Phantom Premium 1.5 haptic robot, a mechanical extension with a 3-DOF central joint and a frame on which the Phantom and the extension are mounted. The entire system other than the Phantom's motors is constructed with non ferromagnetic materials: aluminium, composites, ceramics, stainless steel, brass and titanium.